A different approach

When you're confident in the point you want to make, and how you want to make it, you'll have the bandwidth to focus on what's really important on the day of your next public speaking gig: forming a connection with your fellow humans by simply being you.


My seven module training workshops delve into the most helpful and transferable techniques used by professional speech and screenwriters to craft a meaningful and uplifting speech. 


Unlike any public speaking training you will have taken part in before, you will leave your workshop with the means to transform, and take the stress out of, how you prepare for your next talk or presentation by exploring how to use structure, lyricism and storytelling in ways that resonate with how the human brain processes audible language.​


Learn how to

 Conduct an audience analysis  

 Prepare for your venue   
 Research your topic  
 Frame a convincing argument 
 Write memorable messages   

 Write for the ear and the brain  
 Use structure for persuasion  
 Tell moving stories 

 Inspire action 

Participant feedback

Something for everyone

"The content, delivery and timing were all perfectly pitched and adapted as we went along. This is an incredibly difficult thing to do with such a diverse group with different hopes, fears and experiences. Laura effortlessly anticipated, understood and reacted to the needs of all participants."

Seriously motivating

"Laura was really engaging and listened to our individual needs and concerns. The course was very well-run and it was obvious that a lot of prep had gone in to making it so smooth and enjoyable. I loved the checklist approach as I take notes but often lose them or can't decipher them. The handouts will be really helpful and I'm inspired and excited to write my next speech."

Genuinely useful

"It was a really useful morning - each module covered something that was new to me, and Laura made everything feel achievable. It'll be really useful for all the training workshops I deliver, as well as when I'm drafting scripts for my online training courses and delivering seminars and talks at conferences as well. Definitely good value!"


For my signature training workshop 'Speech writing for powerful public speaking' I can instruct teams of up to 12 people in person, usually from 09:00-16:00.

The cost for corporate teams starts at £2450.

The cost for NGOs, charities and startups is set at £1450. 

No VAT is charged.​

The same price applies for up to three introductory 100-minute training seminars for your teams online.